CMSD - West Side High School

West Side High School is a new, 100,000sf, High School to house 600 students.

  • Owner: Cleveland Metropolitan School District
  • Co-Owner: Ohio Facilities Construction Commission
  • Owners Agent: OHG (Ozanne, Hammond, & Glibane)
  • Architect: TDA Architecture, part of the Cleveland Architectural Design Alliance (CEDA)
  • CM at Risk: ICON, LLC.
  • Location: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Size: 100,000sf High School building
  • Anticipated Bid Date:
  • Construction:

ICON, LLC will be prequalifying subcontractors with criteria that has been pre-approved by the OFCC and the CMSD in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the State of Ohio for CMaR contracting. More information and documents related to this project delivery format can be found at Although ICON, LLC will share information on bids received with the Co-Owners, this is not a public bid opening. More information on bid delivery will be issued with the bid packages to pre-qualified subcontractors. Questions on the process should be sent to

Contractors wishing to be considered for pre-qualification must do so by providing information on the web-tool at the link below. Information will be treated as confidential, and only shared with the members of ICON, CMSD, OFCC, and OHGR involved with the pre-qualification process.

ICON will be receiving bids from prequalified subcontractors on the bid packages listed below. It is also ICON’s intent to allow for the bidding of Combination Bids. We believe that this practice will allow for additional competition in the market, sustain the viability of local general contractors, allow the inclusion of smaller subcontractors who might otherwise be ineligible, and provide the best opportunities for the success of CMSD’s Community Inclusion and Graduate Workforce programs. Scope indicated below are for general information, only. Detailed scopes of work will be issued with each bid package.


Hazardous Material Abatement

• Removal and disposal of all ACM's
• Removal and disposal of PCB & mercury containing material
• Misc. hazmat removals
• Universal waste disposal

Demolition and Site Restoration

• Clear buildings, prep for abatement
• Establish and maintain site access and SWP-3
• Utility terminations
• Demolish and dispose of all structures
• Import soils, backfill, grade and topsoil placement
• Seed and maintain lawn until completion